So, When You Going to Get Married?

Gay Pride Providence was the best parade I have ever seen by far. The first Gay Pride march was in 1976. I’ve marched in a few with several dozen people around the downtown. I remember one year we were so unimportant we didn’t even get hecklers. That was hurtful.

This year, following the victory for marriage at the State House, it was like Halloween and Mardi Gras landed on the grey concrete of downtown. It went on for about an hour, with floats, dancers, bands and swag tossed to the crowd.

In the parade– David Cicilline, Sheldon Whitehouse, James Langevin, Edie Ajello, other members of the General Assembly that made it happen. Lifespan, Blue Cross, YMCA, Teamsters, Rocky Horror, Prom Queens, Drag Queens, leather, pole dancers, Extraordinary Rendition Band, Providence Gay Men’s Chorus, confetti bombs, glow sticks, roller blades.

Our fine city needed a little sparkle, thank you all who made it happen.

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