I Owe My Soul to the Company Store

Wow, this scheme for skimming money off the paychecks of McDonald’s workers must have seemed like a sure thing to the money guys at J.P.Morgan.

All Natalie Gunshannon wanted was to be paid a fair wage for her work, she said.

Gunshannon, 27, of Dallas Township, worked at McDonald’s Restaurant on the Dallas Highway from April 24 to May 15. When she received her first paycheck, enclosed was a Chase Bank debit card with instructions on how to use it and the fees attached.

Her future earnings would be deposited into the debit card account and she could access her money from there. Gunshannon never signed the card and when she returned to work she asked her supervisor if she could be paid by check or by direct deposit. She was told the card was the only option.

Gunshannon did the math, and the fees attached to every use of the Chase card dropped her below the minimum wage.

This is just one reason we can’t hand business a blank check and drown government in a bathtub. The rich are different from you and me. They have lots of time on their hands and endless ways to nickle and dime the rest of us.

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