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Tactics from Jesus vs the Westboro Baptist Church

The Cranston Patch warns us that Rhode Island may see the return of some unwanted guests… Declaring the country is stupid and asking the United States population if they can read, the Westboro Baptist Church announced they plan to protest … Continue reading

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Guns and the Elderly Ladies Auxiliary

This aging Second Amendment Sister used lethal force to defend her driveway… A Tennessee woman is facing felony reckless endangerment charges after she allegedly fired multiple times and hit a car full of children that she thought was going to … Continue reading

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More Guns and the Elderly

A 76 year old man is sentenced to life in prison for murdering the child of his next door neighbor… [13 year old Darius]Simmons was retrieving a garbage can from the curb when Spooner gunned him down, demanding the teenager … Continue reading

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Heat Wave is Healthy!

That’s my conclusion from reading this story, that sweating reduces stroke risk. After the last couple of weeks I should be good to make it to 100. Years that is, not degrees.

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Helen Thomas has Passed

Journalist and reporter from the White House, she questioned power from the times when women were supposed to keep silent through the times when old people with long memories were an inconvenience. She was 92 years old, wish she could … Continue reading

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George Zimmerman is a Nice Guy

That a jury of only six, and five of those six jurors white women, would hear the charges against George Zimmerman was bad news. The same ingrained compliance and niceness that kept women silent about the rape of themselves and … Continue reading

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Lake Vostok Scarier than Lovecraft

The Year’s Best Science Fiction #18, picked up for relaxation from the Rochambeau Library, kept me awake instead. Of the reams of science fiction I’ve read, why does this story stick in my memory? Perhaps because I read it in … Continue reading

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Fighting Words

I’m no fan of Henry Kissinger. Proof that only the good die young is more like it. But I’m no fan of Lyndon Larouche either, and I actually sympathized with Kissinger’s wife, Nancy, when she throttled a Larouche disciple who … Continue reading

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On Chalkstone Ave., Providence

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