Guns and the Elderly Ladies Auxiliary

This aging Second Amendment Sister used lethal force to defend her driveway…

A Tennessee woman is facing felony reckless endangerment charges after she allegedly fired multiple times and hit a car full of children that she thought was going to turn around in her driveway.
Oscar Scott told the Times-News that his wife and five children, ages 4 to 12, had come from their home in Rose Hill, Virginia to Bays Mountain Park on Sunday for a family outing.

But his plan to take a scenic route home went horrible wrong when he crossed paths with 72-year-old Margie Rhea Ramey.

I don’t think she can claim it was warning shots when she hit the car, and by dumb luck did not kill or injure the children inside.

I seriously think that we need bullet control, and we need to use our technology to make every gun owner responsible for their gun. Right now gun deaths are treated as an act of God that can’t be prevented and better not talked about.

If Rhea Ramey had to sign for her bullets and pay liability insurance on her gun, she might just possibly have thought about consequences before she started shooting.

Even people who are a few shrimps short of a boatload pick up the messages in the culture. The message that we should be afraid, that guns make us safe and powerful, and that shooting is glorious is playing on TV 24/7. That this woman did not end up on the national news as another preventable tragedy is the only good thing about this awful story.

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