More Guns and the Elderly

A 76 year old man is sentenced to life in prison for murdering the child of his next door neighbor…

[13 year old Darius]Simmons was retrieving a garbage can from the curb when Spooner gunned him down, demanding the teenager return four shotguns he believed Simmons had taken from his home two days earlier. When Simmons said he did not have the guns — and when his mother, Patricia Larry, threatened to call the police from the front porch — Spooner shot the teenager in the chest. He fired a second shot that missed, and attempted a third, but his gun jammed.

This shooting was caught on video, the perp was a security nut, nonetheless police searched the victim’s house to see whether, indeed, he had stolen the old man’s guns.

Insanity? The jury didn’t buy that. Dementia? Maybe. Most of all, a vicious old man with little to lose.

You can take a driver’s license away from someone who is no longer safe to be on the road. Not easy, but it’s done.

We don’t have any way to disarm people who are losing whatever inhibits us from venting our spite with what means we have. No one to test if they can aim straight or think straight.

As gun marketing gets more aggressive, playing on fear and the dream of regaining lost manhood, more guns will sit in drawers and glove compartments while the buyers slowly lose the capability to use them with any degree of safety.

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