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Rorschach Test Anxiety

“Why am I like this?” I asked my counselor. She didn’t know, so she sent me to a psychologist. The psychologist was nice, but she didn’t know either, so she sent me to another psychologist. That psychologist scheduled me for … Continue reading

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Towards a WORLD WIDE (Living) WAGE (WWW)

EmancipationConversation welcomes Charlie Fellowman, guest blogger. Just in time for Labor Day, Charlie makes a case for global justice for workers. Towards a WORLD WIDE (Living) WAGE (WWW) by Charlie Fellowman I am writing in favor of globalization. Why am … Continue reading

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Harriet Tubman and the Dean Scream

How easy is it to trash a person when the the truth is complicated and a cheap shot is simple? Last year I was sitting with some nurses when someone mentioned that Howard Dean was speaking at the Providence Public … Continue reading

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A Balance of Ideals

EmancipationConversation welcomes Charlie Fellowman, guest blogger. In late 2004 or early 2005, Charlie joined the Vedanta Society of Providence. He finally found a congregation where he could fit in and actually agree with what they believed in. Although Charlie now … Continue reading

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Eye Doctor Proves There Are None So Blind as Those Who Will Not See

Rand Paul: ‘I Don’t Think There Is Any Particular Evidence’ Of Black Voters Being Prevented From Voting

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Polanski Exposed– Victim Breaks Silence

Back in the 60’s they called her ‘Lolita’. The girl was nobody special, except to her mother. That’s one of Polanski’s worst violations– that he lied to a mother then let her be held up to ridicule for trusting him. … Continue reading

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