Polanski Exposed– Victim Breaks Silence

Back in the 60’s they called her ‘Lolita’. The girl was nobody special, except to her mother. That’s one of Polanski’s worst violations– that he lied to a mother then let her be held up to ridicule for trusting him. Mother and daughter were supposed to just get out of the way so Polanski could get on with his career.

And the girl did make a private life for herself. One that was interrupted every time Polanski attempted to re-tell the story of his crime starring himself as the victim. The woman would once again have to face reporters at her door, once again have to explain to her children.

Now Samantha Geimer will be known by her own name, and will tell her own truth.

In 2010 Polanski tried to come back to the US, to return to California. Then Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger was not in favor, but it would have been the best Alien vs Predator show ever. Some links and thoughts from that time…

…Polanski, if he stays true to form, will be acting like he’s been vindicated, and exonerated, and his publicists will again be slandering his victim and her family. Or maybe he’ll just stop trying to get back in the US since he almost came here in cuffs.

He’s not a supercriminal. He’s ordinary. There’s people like him everywhere. Whenever we give power to an individual we risk making a tyrant, petty or large. It’s not as if children here were safe while this one perp was out of the country. It’s not as if adults don’t also suffer abuse.

Roman Polanski has not expressed remorse or even paid the compensation for damages he promised Samantha Geimer. But he did not completely escape justice.

The court of public opinion, that in the 1970’s convicted Geimer of being a ‘Lolita’ who inconvenienced a Great Man by telling the truth about what he did to her, has made a later judgment that the drug-facilitated rape of a child is a crime. We couldn’t even use words like that back then. It’s progress, of a bitter and ironic kind.

Today in the ACI there are people sitting in cells for smoking things or failing to pay fines. Law is law, and in this case Justice is God’s. Crimes against children are an assault on society, but this time the offender gets away. How do we repair the damage?

Parents want to know how to protect their children. America needs to create a society where our children can express their independence without such a high level of fear.

There’s a parallel here to the Catholic Church scandals. Polanski didn’t jump out of an alley, he won the trust of parents to get access to a child. He used prestige to get past the defenses that are intended to protect children. We can’t lock our children up, so the challenge is to find ways to identify abuse at the start, and to stop it.

Of course, teaching children early to question authority could have consequences later on. It’s an experiment I’d like to see. Maybe someone will make a film about the lies and bluffs and basic human frailty that induce us to give away power to people who are untrustworthy. Maybe that film has already been made. Seen any good movies lately?

This post, Fangirl and Fanboy,takes on Hollywood apologists and links to some brave critics who tell it like it is. Myself, I’ve been on the press to tell the truth about Polanski for years, writing to the ProJo’s Michael Janusonis by snail mail before blogging was invented.

AND ANOTHER THING: A blast at Polanski from Salon.

THE WHOLE STORY: Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post sums it up, including a link to the victim’s testimony… (thanks to Daily Kos for the tip)

For Roman Polanski, the long, unspeakable nightmare of being confined to his three-story chalet in Gstaad, the luxury resort in the Swiss Alps, is finally over. The fugitive director is free once again to stroll into town, have a nice meal, maybe do a little shopping at the local Cartier, Hermes or Louis Vuitton boutiques.

Or he could just scurry like a rat into France or Poland, the two countries where he has citizenship — and where authorities have a long history of acting as if Polanski’s celebrity and talent somehow negate his sexual brutalization of a 13-year-old girl.

I’ve watched this case for over thirty years. For me the justice is in seeing a wilder and less timid press, aided by the Net, finally tell the truth. He did not ‘have sex with’ an underage girl. He raped a child. You can all thank the ‘feminazis’ and the ‘politically correct’ for the voice to say this. In the 70’s such words were not allowed in print, so all the media parroted the perp’s version. Like any other pitiful loser, Polanski made himself out to be the victim. He owes Samantha Geimer a settlement for the injury he inflicted, that he promised and never paid. He also owes her a public apology and to promise to stay out of her life. But he’ll die of old age before that happens.

I predict that more allegations will come out after Samantha Geimer’s book has worked its way through the media. Think about what happens when one kid stands up to the schoolyard bully. All of a sudden everyone starts talking about what he did to them. Think of that when Polanski’s defenders act surprised that there are others. It would be against type for a molester to only have one victim.

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