Is Tea Party a ‘False Flag’?

I think I might make a new game where you take random conspiracy theory phrases and put them on cards and scramble them.

I seen in the news today that Ted Cruz has shown mercy to a worried America and will allow the hated ‘government’ to get back to work. When did we elect him King? That’s not in the Constitution. Must be the Hand of God, or the Invisible Hand of the Market, or Saint Ayn Rand that crowned him.

So, anyway, Conspiracy. I joined a popular uprising once. It was called the Clamshell Alliance. It was a local New Hampshire action against the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant. I still think that though we were unable to prevent the construction of that incredibly expensive way to boil water, we were on the right side of history. And, by the way, if you go to the beach in Charlestown, RI and don’t have your view blocked by a pair of nuclear cooling towers– you’re welcome.

But the Clamshell had its flaws and troubles. I remember attending a meeting that ran about 13 hours. The organization had chosen a form of decision-making, consensus, that worked wonderfully in the early days. But in this meeting of hundreds of people from all over the region consensus was not the right tool. We were not any longer a small group that would have to account to one another the next day.

So in this somewhat dysfunctional situation, a man stood up at the 12 hour mark and blocked consensus on whether our statement should be support of the ‘struggle’ or ‘struggles’ of suffering humanity.

I know, it sounds like Monty Python.

During Clamshell’s peak, I heard a lot about ‘provocateurs’. I felt then that we were well-equipped to mess ourselves up without outside interference. How would we tell the difference? Since then, reading Freedom of Information Act research I am persuaded that there were people in this group who were paid to obstruct. They were probably lost and lonely in the crowd of people who were just constitutionally obstructive. They were amateurs and lowest bidders.

I think that wiser and more knowledgeable minds are watching the drama in Washington, and speculating on what the Republican Party is up to. They probably underestimate the power of stupidity.

I hope that someone there is realizing just how messed up human beings can be.

And if the remedy for misinformation is a kind of Wiki crowd consensus, let’s look at what the Founders were about. Government of the People. It only works if the People keep informed and engaged. Otherwise, the loudest voices will prevail.

Of course, we should not discount the possibility that this was all engineered by the Freemasons. This Congress stenographer has the potential to be a rising Republican star.Watch for her on Fox News. Or maybe weeks of listening to the crazy just drove her over the edge. She should get workers comp.

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