Milo Stranger Part 5– A Room

house miloMilo is an odd man for an odd job. That’s how he got this attic room in a falling down house near Manny Almeida’s Ringside Lounge.

Handy but not steady, he’s tacking rolls of pink insulation into the spaces between the beams, a bandanna for a face mask while the fiberglass flies. It’s too cold to curl up in his sleeping bag under the bridge anymore.

In the early mornings he walks down Point Street under the Rt.195 overpass and the Narragansett Electric coal chute through the neighborhoods of a depressed city going nowhere. He stocks shelves at The Food Basket for a few bucks under the table and dented cans.

He’s not worried about tomorrow. For longer than anyone knows, this has been the rhythm of his years.

Milo reminds himself again why his best bet is to work for himself
Milo Stranger Part 4- Get a Job

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