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You’ll Never See a Movie Called ‘Him’

I know it’s cranky to have an opinion on a film I haven’t seen, but I have a fundamental problem with ‘Her’. Not the film– maybe it’s wonderful– but the concept. Heartwarming family dramas like Lars and the Real Girl … Continue reading

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Milo Stranger Part 8– Keeping a Low Profile

Cast adrift on a desert island? Hardly. Just 2 bus changes from my parent’s home, renting a room on a street where students and transients packed in like sardines. How could it be so lonely? My friends were at college, … Continue reading

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Another Scary Duck Declaration Everyone Missed

Not to beat this Duck to death, but in the original Gentleman’s Quarterly interview Phil Robertson explains why godly people don’t need health insurance… Phil On Health Insurance “Temporary is all you’re going to get with any kind of health … Continue reading

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When the Smothers Brothers Got Censored

Once upon a time it was a Duck Dynasty world, where men were men and there was nothing to watch but cowboy shows like Bonanza, or for the ladies, Petticoat Junction. The decade had begun with massive Civil Rights demonstrations. … Continue reading

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American Evangelists Helped Form Uganda Anti-Gay Law

Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni is poised to sign a bill into law imposing harsh penalties for the ‘crime of homosexuality’. The bill is widely popular in Uganda, where it has been championed by Christian clerics and politicians who say it … Continue reading

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Could Do Worse Than Duck Dynasty

What is this romance with bearded, Bible-toting patriarchs? Why does a country accent and camouflage put Republican politicians into such a fog of infatuation? Sarah Palin, for one, could not see Russia from her back door, but about 300 miles … Continue reading

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Who’s Looking Out for the Rich Kids?

By now everyone’s heard about the modest proposal to sort out the free lunch kids and make them pay… WASHINGTON — Last weekend, U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston told a crowd in Jackson County he would like poor children to pay … Continue reading

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Pre-Obamacare– Her Skull Was in the Freezer

You thought it was a true-crime story, right? Or a slasher movie. It might make a good medical drama, with a happy ending, because eventually Briana Lane got her skull back. It only took a few months and some bad … Continue reading

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Milo Stranger Part 7–The Bantu are Coming. They Need Winter Coats.

Milo liked Fox Point, but he was unsurprised when his landlord threw him out. The whole arrangement was under the table and never actually defined. Mr. DaSilva had turned a blind eye to Milo’s occupancy of the attic he was … Continue reading

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New Moon Journal Entry

I stopped by the Asian restaurant for some takeout– not too crowded yet. A tall, skinny white man with grey hair and a scruffy beard was standing at a table near the front. He was wearing a blue scrubs shirt, … Continue reading

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