New Moon Journal Entry

I stopped by the Asian restaurant for some takeout– not too crowded yet. A tall, skinny white man with grey hair and a scruffy beard was standing at a table near the front. He was wearing a blue scrubs shirt, the universal ‘health care worker’ vestment. But on second glance the shirt was made of paper. Looked like someone in the ER gave it to him. Maybe he was stopping off for a bite after a few hours on a stretcher at Miriam.
I went to the cash register where there was a line for takeout orders. The young woman in jeans seemed overwhelmed. She had 2 phones in front of her ringing at once.
Another young woman dashed through the swinging door from the kitchen carrying a paper bag full of someone’s order. She was wearing a stocking cap with a scarf wrapped around the edge, a few layers of shirt, apron, skirt in contrasting floral prints– full on Hmong.
The man in the paper shirt was talking with his companions at their table. One of the women got up and approached the cash register with some request. She was wearing candy-pink sandals of plastic foam–looked like they were some clever, disposable, one-size-fits-all item you might find in the supply closet of the ER.
I heard the overwhelmed cash register woman tell someone on the phone that the order would take 35 minutes. When this restaurant says 20 minutes it means any time up to an hour. I figured 35 meant to check them out around closing time so I left.

Why are 2 people who look okay wearing ER disposables in the December cold? And stopping off at the most popular restaurant on the street? And who is the young woman dressed like a Hmong grandmother?

December 5,2013

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