Would Steven Seagal Treat Arizona Like He Treated His Wife?

Miyako Fujitani, A Real Martial Artist

Miyako Fujitani, A Real Martial Artist

So, Steven Seagal is discussing running for Arizona governor with that bane of immigrants, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Maybe Seagal is worried about securing the borders so his ex-wife can’t fly to the US and give him a piece of her mind.

Three wives ago, Seagal married Miyako Fujitani.

The young Seagal was studying martial arts in Japan. Though an outsider, he was accepted into the community and eventually married Miyako Fujitani, a fellow Aikido student whose family helped found their dojo (school).

Seagal left his wife and their children when opportunity called in the USA. Since then it’s been a series of brief marriages, bad divorces and several children.

Miyako Fujitani remains faithful to her family and to her practice. She is a pioneer in women’s martial arts and a respected master teacher in the Aikido community. She’s the real deal.

Miyako Fujitani Sensei wrote an autobiography, ‘Precious Time’–in her words…

Now I have made up my mind to live my own life, this remaining precious life, by following my inner voice and the wisdom gained from my bitter struggle with fate. By writing this book, I hoped to be released from my burdens, having had to carry on by myself after Steven Seagal abruptly left for the USA, leaving behind our family, the dojo, and me.

Aikido is a way of life based on dignity, respect and self-control. So it’s no surprise that Seagal couldn’t last.

On these photos from her dojo website, Fujitani Sensei looks like she is still in fighting shape, and their son, Kentaro, is also a martial artist. Steven Seagal, on the other hand, has put on a few pounds.

Maybe it’s the stress of those sexual harassment lawsuits and that regrettable incident with the puppy.

Why have I got it in for this guy? Because I don’t like bullies. Because I used to study Aikido and I respect Miyako Fujitani and all the real and dedicated practitioners. Because I wish America would stop being satisfied with tinsel and recognize pure gold.

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One Response to Would Steven Seagal Treat Arizona Like He Treated His Wife?

  1. FredvB says:

    Dear Ninjanurse,

    A bit less than four years later… your opinion is confirmed by the new claims.
    A “Hero” on the screen (I had no idea of his private life) may be a coward in the real LIfe!

    I personally confess that I may have been unconsciously “rude” with some women and with my wife and I deeply regret it.

    The only way to improve things is to recognise our errors, our faults… and then to beg pardon and change one’s mind and behaviour not to go on with bad attitudes, bad thinking.

    The man is the “King” of is wife, but if he really loves her he must consider her like the “Queen” (and all the other women like “ambassadors of the womenhood”).
    I try to be that man… with the help of This Superior “Force” that created us and That is above us.

    Be blessed, all of you.


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