Young People Today and their Wicked, Wicked Music

I shouldn’t consort with Little Green Footballs, but they do report that Glenn Beck and Bryan Fischer agree that pop music is Satanic.

Was singer Katy Perry’s performance at the Grammy Awards on Sunday “demonic?” That’s how Glenn Beck described it on his radio show Tuesday, saying he wasn’t so much shocked by the performance, but rather shocked that it wasn’t a major topic of conversation on Monday.

Hey, I’m shocked that more people don’t read my blog, so I feel his pain.

But he’s not exactly on the leading edge. Preachers were denouncing the Devil’s music when The Empress of the Blues shocked the South.

Here’s Bessie Smith from 1930

Fire is burning down below
If you ain’t right down you go
to original hot brim stone
Let you start right in to moan

You better get down on your knees
and let the god lord hear your pleas
On that you want to rest with ease
Moan you moaners

Just bend your head way down and pray
to have the devil chased away
Come let your souls be saved today
Moan you moaners

To get the total irreverence you have to hear her sing it, along with The Bessermer Singers who were doing the male backup thing long before Gladys Knight and the Pips. It’s hysterical, still pretty edgy too. I think Glenn Beck would be offended.

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