Tarot Daily Dot Connector 6/21/14


Welcome to the launch of my cosmic weather report, the Tarot Daily Dot Connector. We begin on Summer Solstice, the longest day, blessing to procrastinators, with time to get this hot off the keyboard to my devoted readers. This daily dispatch will combine random news items, premonitions, predictions and whatever SETI pulls in on radio telescopes to offer a unique take on the global zeitgeist and whether it’s safe to go to the Mall today or whether you’d be better off ordering takeout.

Today’s Tarot card is The Sun, number XIX in the Major Arcana. The Sun is an auspicious card for new projects, innocence and optimism. The longest day is a turning point in the year when the Northern Hemisphere moves toward winter, from this point the days get shorter. Everything in time becomes its opposite and change is the law of the universe.

Case in point– RIPTA changed my beloved #42 bus to #1. I had to call their customer service because I couldn’t find the schedule online. And I needed them to get to PrideFest. No sane person would try to find parking Downtown given an alternative.

The Journal has good coverage of the history of the PrideFest which as I type is rocking the Waterfront. Last year’s was like Mardi Gras in Providence, but as The Journal reports, there were early years of the few, the proud, marching through a dusty and mostly indifferent Downtown. I joined in a few of those. One year in the 80’s we didn’t even get hecklers. I felt so ignored. But now booths are set up for churches, banks, politicians and corporations. The frontier has moved, it’s hard to see this social change shifting into reverse.

I had a nice conversation with a man from the booth for Bell St. Chapel who was working on a program for the homeless. The problem with the homeless, of course, is that they don’t have a place to live. More places at a rent working people can afford would cut way down on the number of people who need programs. We all know that. Anyway, the woman at the booth for Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence said to me that we have seen enormous changes at the last minute, things we never thought possible.

Speaking of that, today’s news reports that the Pope is excommunicating Mafia members. It seems he takes exception to the Mafia shooting of a little boy. This is a courageous stand on his part, and I’m sure heads are spinning in Italian churches, and some American ones as well.

Change is impossible, until it happens.

It’s Solstice and the Summer is just beginning.

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