Tarot Daily Dot Connector 06/22/14


Today’s Tarot card is the Queen of Pentacles. Pentacles is an Earth sign, symbolizing action in the material world. The Queen sits in a bower of wild roses, nature’s pentagram, a star of five petals. A rabbit hops in the lower right corner, but otherwise the Queen is alone. Her head is bowed, because, as Stan Lee said, with great power comes great responsibility. The Queen of Pentacles is the patroness of single mothers, whose spiritual influence is great, and whose cares are many. For all of us, she is an inspiration to do the right thing.

Proving that hard cases make bad law, instead of re-assessing the ‘mandatory minimum’ sentencing law that forced twenty years on Marissa Alexander for firing a warning shot while George Zimmerman walks free, Governor Rick Scott signed a law to make warning shots legal. I don’t need the cards to predict that a ‘warning shot’ will unintentionally kill someone and the defense will cite this law.

President Obama has signed an executive order to protect the bees. This is serious, folks. Like, we can’t pay enough people to go out in the fields with Q-tips to pollinate all those amber waves of grain.

The state of the world is taking up all my mental energy, so I’ve put ‘Quiverfull’ down for re-reading Agatha Christie. I’m wondering, as have so many: Is Hercule Poirot gay?

After a methodical review of the literature, I come to the conclusion that–duh, of course Poirot is gay. Or maybe he likes women too. But he’s not attracted to his roomate, Hastings. Poirot only likes Belgians.

Poirot is a refugee from the German occupation. He and Hastings are friends, but the main reason they are living together is they’re both kind of broke. At least Hastings is, maybe Poirot is just stingy.

Remember also that Poirot is a border-crosser and a refugee. He had a complicated life as a detective in the Belgian police force. He is a man of secrets. We will not intrude further.

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