Tarot Daily Dot Connector June 23, 2014

10 of Wands

Today’s Tarot card is the X of Wands, a good one for a Monday. Wands are a fire sign, energy, communication and competition. The message here is– when there’s too much work and not enough time, don’t feel responsible for doing it all at once, or doing it all by yourself. You may have to sometimes, but if you’re hauling those sticks every day it’s not you– it’s the job. There’s some validation in feeling essential, but we’ve all seen what happens when a co-worker burns out. They are replaced. So pace yourself and make two trips if you need to.

Sunday’s New York Times reported the passing of Carlton A. Sherwood, a journalist who won awards for exposing injustice in the early 80’s, but by 1991 was writing “an admiring book about the Rev. Sun Myung Moon,… Mr. Sherwood had worked briefly at The Washington Times, which was bought by the Unification Church.”
Carlton Sherwood made a film called ‘Stolen Honor’ that was central in ‘Swiftboating’ John Kerry in the 2004 election. If you like to connect dots, look up the Sinclair Broadcast Group, a huge media network that tried to run the Swiftboat film just before the 2004 election, and the relationship between Moon’s Washington Times and Fox News. For that matter, the relationship between the Unification Church and a global and diverse network of politicians, celebrities, ministers and businesses including weapons manufacturers. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

In health care news, see this tragic headline Murder Charge Still Pending Against Woman at 102. Call me cynical, but I think they should just keep her on home confinement while awaiting trial, and then stall until God sorts it out. Also, when you are running a nursing home and a patient really hates their roomate– it’s time to move one out.

Have a good Monday, it’s a long week ahead. Today’s card says to pace yourself, avoid needless conflict, but don’t take it all on yourself either.

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