Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, June 25, 2014


Today’s card is number VII in the Major Arcana, The Chariot. Traditionally a card of willpower, mastery, the rewards of self-discipline.

The origins of the Tarot go back at least to the Middle Ages. I am especially fond of the Rider Deck, used in this post. Designed by Arthur Edward Waite and illustrated by the talented artist, Pamela Colman Smith, this deck was first published in 1910.

So your writer’s interpretation of The Chariot will not be found in the classic texts, except as they foretold the future.

The Chariot is the patron card of tech support. The Charioteer stands perfectly still while the world moves around him. His Sphinx companions sit as relaxed as cats on a windowsill. He is completely in control, his engine is Knowledge. He is the calm rescuer when your hard drive crashes. On a wider level, he is a patron of the World Wide Web. From the ancient wisdom of Egypt to the canopy of stars above his head, he can reach across the ages for knowledge and channel the flood of information so that mere humans can comprehend it. He will get you the facts. What you do with them is not in his job description.

One encouraging development in this crazy time is the growing recognition that everything is connected. Your writer recently spent a weekend at a conference led by Starhawk, a writer and activist who promotes Permaculture. Permaculture- building sustainable systems for the long term, is not an outsider idea. I remember when the hippie kids introduced the term ‘ecology’, when Narragansett Bay was washing up trash, and recycling was a novel concept. Now Save the Bay has an elegant campus on what once was waste land.

A sustainable city project
is planned in Ottawa, Canada–

The design is based on the One Planet Community’s approach to holistic neighborhood design. The premise is that every new development can be 100 percent accessible by foot and bike, produce the energy that is consumed, recycle all waste products, grow a portion of its own food, and be built with sustainable, recyclable materials. Windmill’s Ottawa project will meet all these goals, making it the next candidate for the short list of communities (10 so far) that have been endorsed by the organization to date.
It is expected to take 15 years to build, but eventually thousands of Canadians will call The Isles—the tentative name for the project—home. The site straddles the massive Ottawa River just below Chaudiere Falls; a crescent-shaped 50-foot cascade that was once a gathering grounds for First Nations tribes, who considered it sacred ground.

The mayor has promised a green light, not red tape for this project.

In sort of related news, the resurgence of bedbugs has forced a resurgence of insecticides, trashing of mattresses and furniture, basically an ecological nightmare. So here’s a link to a bedbug trap that can be made at home from stuff you threw in the recycling bin. Let’s hope we never have to use it.

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