Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, June 27, 2014

wheel of fortune

Proving again that prediction is difficult, especially about the future, your writer’s warm glow about recent Supreme Court decisions got iced yesterday. I was attending a panel discussion on reproductive justice when a speaker announced that the Supremes had made a ruling against the Massachusetts ‘buffer zone’ law that required protesters to stay at least 35′ away from abortion clinic entrances. I really have to wonder if some group such as Westboro Baptist will run with this decision.

I’ve often participated in protests and not only value the First Amendment– I use it regularly. However, I’ve also witnessed the harassing behavior of clinic protesters. The effect on real women in the real world seems not to have been taken into account by the Court.

The Wheel of Fortune never stops, and this decision will enable behavior that will shock people on all sides of the debate. That’s my prediction.

Despite this discouraging setback, the psychic weather report is blue skies. The Unitarian General Assembly continues in Providence. GA was at the State House standing for fair wages for hotel workers. Hospitality is a major part of the Providence workforce and it makes economic sense to require decent pay so that the profits don’t all go to Switzerland or wherever, but stay in our city as well.

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