Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, July 1, 2014

5 of Cups

Today’s card, V of Cups, marks the loss of three vital principles to a divided Supreme Court.

The decision that a woman’s personhood is secondary to the personhood of the corporation she works for is a dire precedent. It’s no coincidence that all this debate centers around women’s health care. Contraception has been mis-characterized as a ‘lifesyle’ choice, not a vital part of women’s health and lives. Religious principle has been mis-characterized as a drive to force others to submit to whatever money and power can impose, not a discipline practiced by the believer themselves. And a massive organization composed of paper and money and goods is mis-characterized as a person whose value exceeds that of the real persons working within it.

I predict that this decision will make it more easy for hospitals to deny emergency contraception to rape victims. It will open the way for any organization to define any birth control method as an affront to their religion. Those who raise the alarm about ‘Sharia Law’ in the US are laying its legal foundation.

The Supremes also dealt a blow to organized labor, particularly the low-wage workers who care for the elderly and disabled.

Citizen’s United created a corporate monster, and the Court continues to feed it. With a circular flow of campaign money and corporate power it’s no mystery that the real power and security of ordinary Americans continues to erode. This Court has punched a hole in the Affordable Care Act, a bill that takes a step toward economic security and independence for working people.

I thank Justice Ginsberg, who wrote an eloquent dissent. She continues to serve our country when she survives cancer and might justifiably have retired to enjoy what time she has.

Organizing must be done, but today I can only mourn.

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