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When that liberal rag, The Wall Street Journal, asks if corporations will claim Second Amendment rights next you know we live in interesting times–

July 6, 2014 By Al Lewis
Free speech? Freedom of religion? What cherished human right will our Supreme Court bestow upon corporations next? The right to bear arms?
Contrary to the court’s perversely broad definition of humanity, a corporation is not actually a person. It is a thing that a person (sometimes a very bad person) hides behind.
It is an edifice. It is a fiction. It is a legal charter that too often absolves antisocial leaders of personal responsibility when they lay people off, cheat customers, pollute the environment and otherwise swindle, defraud, manipulate, maim and kill.

We in Rhode Island are bailing out a corporation, 38 Studios, that produced nothing and leaves us with a massive debt. What will we cut? Expect women and children first to pay for this. Is Curt Schilling eating ramen noodles or any of the profiteers being held responsible? Nope.

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