Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, July 11, 2014

knight of swords

Today’s card is the Knight of Swords. On the negative side, he’s Rescue Ranger, acting before thinking.

In the discipline of case management, which holds the wisdom of countless failures and some success, the first step is assessment.

In the discipline of emergency technicians, which holds the wisdom of crisis as just another day at work, the first step is to secure the scene.

In this image, the first thought that comes to mind is that the Knight may be driving his poor horse in the wrong direction, and that they will arrive at the scene too exhausted to deal with whatever they find.

In the positive interpretation, you do want someone on your side who can act quickly and decisively. Sometimes the best way to deal with a challenge is to shut it down immediately before it catches its breath.

Those situations are unpredictable. The Knight is a part of all of us, but he can’t be trusted as a leader. In fact, it’s likely the Queen sent him on a long errand just to get him out of the way.

On the topic of going full steam ahead in an uncertain direction, scientists in Fukushima, Japan are creating the world’s first artificial permafrost, a giant ice wall that is intended to keep groundwater from flowing into the crippled nuclear plant. Anyone who has experience with dirt, ice or water can see why this is drastic and unsustainable. Can we depend on future generations to keep the fridge running? Still, this may buy time to find a real answer to the radioactive mess the plant left to Japan and the world.

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