Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, July 14, 2014

8 of wands

Today I looked for a card that illustrated solidarity, but couldn’t quite get the right image. The Tarot, as lovely a work of art as it is, does not cover all the conditions of life. Yesterday the Chad Brown Community Cookout for Nonviolence was a success with perfect weather and conversation on a green space in the apartment blocks but having that scene in mind I realize how Eurocentric and class-stratified the Tarot is.

So here is the VIII of Wands, pure energy. There was plenty of networking and politicking going on. I didn’t connect with all the contenders, but on scene were
Gina Raimondo
Brett Smiley
Michael Solomon
and Jorge Alorza, I got to shake hands with all but Mr.Alorza, whose campaign I really like since housing is fundamental and he has experience.

It’s a tough choice this year for an old leftie who is used to seeing most of our issues on signs we wave outside the State House, not on candidate’s promise list.

High energy and everything in play. Today’s cosmic weather is unsettled with a chance of lightning.

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