Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, July 16, 2014

queen of wands

Writing this in darkness at mid-morning, a storm is passing over, my phone warns of flash floods. A leader in the battle against same-sex marriage is busy fighting money and sex scandals in his own diocese, sadly nothing new or surprising.

And in related news, a Republican Party chairman in Alabama has been arrested for growing pot. Maybe the Libertarians will gain a new recruit.

Perhaps I should pick a card like the VII of Swords, which is a good one for double-dealing. But I have the day off, and it’s so peaceful.

So, the card today is the Queen of Wands, with her cat. She is a lady of balance and contentment, holding a sunflower and gazing across the mountains that surround her throne. Queen of Wands is a temporary place of rest, to recharge for whatever challenges lie ahead.

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