Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, July 18, 2014

wheel of fortune

So the wheel keeps turning– the Providence mayoral race has lost a contender. The Providence Journal reports that Independent candidate Lorne Adrain has ‘fallen on his sword’.

It looks to me like principle, but the Journal comments trash everyone from ‘East Siders’ to ‘illegals’, failing only to include Benghazi or Hitler. Reality is such a distraction from our preoccupations.

I’ve never met Lorne Adrain, but I admire his wife, Ann Hood, novelist and Rhode Islander from working-class West Warwick. In 2008 she wrote an essay in the New York Times ‘Modern Love’ series about crossing party lines. So here’s a take on Lorne Adrain from 6 years ago–

Ann Hood, (who Publishes actual novels with real Paper and Ink) rips open the shocking secret of her marriage. She and Lorne looked like a nice, liberal, Providence couple. But all along, her husband belonged to the party that she dare not speak its name. Until someone asked her directly.

When a friend and I were hosts to a John Kerry fund-raiser, she breezily talked about having Lorne and her husband pick up the wine and gather signatures.

I swallowed hard. “Lorne isn’t coming.”

“Is he out of town that night?” she asked, her face so innocent and open.

I shook my head, avoiding her gaze. “He’s on the other side,” I managed.


“He goes the other way,” I tried.

Now she was frowning at me. I had no choice. “He’s not a Democrat,” I finally said. Easier, I figured, than saying the ‘R’ word out loud. Even so, I had rendered her speechless.

Who did Lorne support in the Presidential election? Find out with the rest of the story here

We all love mavericks, I guess, as long as they don’t surprise us. I think despite the Cianci camp’s hostile comments on ProJo, Lorne Adrain’s move has upset their game. The wheel keeps turning, it’s all in play.

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