Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, July 26, 2014

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Woke up to a cool breeze from my window, traffic is light this early Saturday morning.

Today in schadenfreude, Dinesh D’Souza sees a government conspiracy in CostCo not selling his books. I feel his pain. I have a stack of ‘Sundays at Sarahs’, the anthology with my brilliant short story. (Want to buy one? A rare print edition can be mailed to you, just ask.)

He’s also fighting charges of campaign finance fraud, but he has his defenders-

The criminal indictment makes a brief appearance near the end of Mr. D’Souza’s new film. Harvey A. Silverglate, a lawyer and outspoken critic of law enforcement, explains that on a normal day, the average American does three things that could be deemed felonies “by some ambitious Department of Justice prosecutor.”

Well, this American has so far avoided anything worse than parking tickets, but maybe their definition of ‘average’ is a faster crowd than I run with. They’re saying on wingnut news that Barack Obama is not a real American, maybe he’s behind on his felony offenses. A good topic for discussion some time.

Today I am typing in bed, farmer’s market is the next stop. Happy Saturday if you have the day off, and if you are working may all the cards fall in your favor.

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