Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, July 28, 2014

page of wands

Today’s Tarot card is the Page of Wands.

Raw Story reports that a Republican mayor in North Carolina marched to Washington to support health care reform after his local hospital was bought by a big corporation and shut down at a profit.

A white guy from Mississippi applies a 12-step approach to overcoming addiction to racism. This is a nice reply to the countless unfortunate statements that begin, “I’m not a racist, but…”

And in Louisville,Kentucky, Christians the rest of the world may just come together over a cup of coffee. Fair-trade coffee at that.

According to Sallie Gearhart and Susan Rennie’s Feminist Tarot, the Page of Wands is a woman who is brilliant with words, who can speak to diverse factions and reveal connections. She can open opportunities for peace and reconciliation. She may be a lawyer, a journalist, a politician, or just a friend with common sense who tells it like it is.

Page of Wands is an auspicious card for a Monday, when the work week is ahead, and it helps to keep an eye on the destination, not just the potholes on the way there.

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