Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, August 1, 2014

the empress

Happy Lammas!

This is the beginning of harvest season, fresh corn at the Farmer’s Market in Pawtuxet and all over the state, roadside stands and farms.

Though this day is dedicated to the god Lugh in the Celtic festival Lughnasadh, I feel drawn to the card in the Major Arcana, III The Empress. She sits under a golden sky surrounded by ripe corn. Like August, she is generous and fruitful. The wheel never stops turning, and the god will have his day when the earth turns toward Autumn. But that is six weeks off and the sun is shining.

Across and above all religious attempts to make sense of the world, impermanence is the law of the universe, and we are only a temporary condition.

In Patheos Pagan is a tribute to Margot Adler. Not only as a Pagan leader, but simply as a woman trying to make sense of our times she is an example. Witches are not the only heretics. Journalists are too.

May the season be fruitful for all good works.

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