Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, August 2, 2014

knight of cups

Today brings grey skies and rain and today’s card is the Knight of Cups. The Knight’s element is water, his power is intuition, insight and gentle persistence. He does not ride in with haste or arrogance, but like water on stone will eventually conquer.

The Knight may be queer, not necessarily in the sense of homosexual, but in the sense of not conforming to expectations of gender and class.

In related news, another flaming pop science article says that lower testosterone levels may have enabled civilization. Specifically, nice guys survive to reproduce and then we end up with cool stuff like coffee shops. You would think that the super-macho would out-breed everyone, but even they have to sleep sometimes and cave-women had short tempers. Just my theory.

And medical science is beginning to realize that teeth are a part of the body! That’s progress! And Providence Community Health Centers is expanding dental and offering nights and weekends for working parents who need dental care for their kids.

And permaculture continues to green our city. The Urban Farm at Roger Williams Park is enjoying the rain today, I will too.

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