Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, August 4, 2014

3 of pentacles

Today the pop press, oversimplifies science again with this headline- ‘Humans started making art when their personalities got gentler’.

Well, maybe. When I was young I got invited to a party called The Big Art Dick Party. This was not as wild as it sounds, it was dedicated to someone who described an arrogant artist as having…well, you get it. There was a lot of artistic representation of things that, in the words of the singer, Melanie, were ‘longer than they were wide’. The whole concept was pretty effete, actually, though there was Narragansett Lager for the manly men and women who showed up.

That was so long ago that the word, ‘man’ was used to describe the generic human.

But was it men, or was it women who created images on cave walls 17,000 years ago?

Or was it the deviants who occur in both genders, or should I say, all genders? The ones who think differently. The first ones to discover abstract thinking, to visualize what might be, to call on the spirits and hear an answer?

Did the spark ignite in some clement time when the gentle were not bullied or starved out, but were able to contribute their talents and pass them along to the future? Was this also the time when mercy was born?

What we save today will shape tomorrow. Which leads to a site that makes it easy to connect with some creative and daring projects, 5 Great Apps for Social Justice.

Today’s card, the III of Pentacles, represents art in the service of an idea. Even the great artists worked on commission, and Pentacles is an Earth sign, dedicated to the challenges of the material world. It’s Monday, time to go to work.

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