Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, August 6, 2014

10 of Wands

Today’s Tarot, X of Wands, is for a rainy Wednesday. I don’t usually call this ‘hump day’, but right now I’m doing some heavy lifting. If the card showed the wide view, you’d see a team all carrying loads of wands. Sometimes you do what you have to do.

In the years when Helen Caldicott spoke at Brown about the nuclear threat, when the US and the Soviet Union faced each other across the abyss, we remembered August 6 and 9 as the dates of the only use of a nuclear bomb, the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan in 1945. This ended WWII and left future generations with the problem of a doomsday weapon.

The BBC quotes Winston Churchill–

“We must indeed pray that these awful agencies will be made to conduce peace among the nations and that instead of wreaking measureless havoc upon the entire globe they become a perennial fountain of world prosperity.”

Almost seventy years later there is havoc in much of the world but not a shooting war between great powers, and the perennial fountain of world prosperity has yet to be discovered. Unless it is hiding in plain sight in our hearts, minds and intentions. Maybe the lesson is that our species muddles through somehow, or maybe it’s just dumb luck.

I’m back to reading science fiction again after days of too much thinking, I’m going to check out some of the books reviewed here. But Kindle really is becoming a bad habit, and expensive. I’ve got to get back to the library.

And finally, evidence that an aspirin a day may save your life. It’s easy and we used to eat them like candy- not that it was safe to do that, but we did. So I’m convinced to take one. The study was probably sponsored by Aspirin Inc., but I’ll take a chance.

Happy Wednesday to all who work regular, irregular, multiple and undocumented jobs. Keep on keeping on.

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