Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, August 7, 2014

2 of swords

Today’s Tarot, the II of Swords, is one of the darker cards, but all is not lost. A woman sits blindfolded holding crossed swords in a moonlit night with the ocean behind her. Though the voice of the waves and the whispers of intuition speak to her, she is not able to act in the material world in her posture of defense and unseeing. To change and move forward she must put down her swords and risk vulnerability for a time. She must take off her blindfold and see reality. The pure white of her gown will have to bear the stains and strains of moving in a messy world. She will be fortunate if she has a friend, who can help her past her defense, and forward in using her powers. This card warns against rigidity and misplaced defensiveness.

Meanwhile, in apocalyptic news-

Ebola virus plus Malaria is a slow-motion disaster in Africa. New Scientist cites deforestation and habitat destruction, urbanization and displacement of people caused by war and poverty as factors.

Ebola is not a threat to the US, here public health officials worry about the flu, which kills thousands every year. Our public health system is weak from a thousand cuts and coasting on the fact that we have been lucky, so far.

Japan Times reports that the Fukushima reactor 3 meltdown was worse than originally estimated-

Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Wednesday that its new estimate shows that all the fuel rods in reactor 3 at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant apparently melted down and fell onto the bottom of the containment vessel.
In November 2011, the company had said it believed only about 63 percent of reactor 3′s fuel core had melted.
The utility updated its estimate as part of an effort to probe unclear points about the triple meltdown at the Fukushima No. 1 plant caused by a megaquake and monstrous tsunami in March 2011.

If reality is too depressing, Alternet posts the top 5 conspiracy theories. Did you know the Obama administration covered the South with plastic snow? Maybe if they can do that they can win votes in Vermont with year-round skiing. Just a suggestion.

Today’s Tarot Thought- world is a mess, keep on your toes.

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