Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, August 9, 2014

3 of cups

Despite conflicting evidence about the worth of antidepressants in humans, they totally work for fish, according to this NPR report that fish exposed to antidepressants live longer and better lives.

This is not totally surprising to those of us who follow the IgNobel Awards for Science, which was granted years ago to researchers who found that clams on Prozac become sex machines–

Peter Fong has found that when clams are under the influence of the antidepression medicine, they go into reproductive overdrive. Within a few hours, out pop baby clams.
The phenomenon is not unique to the fingernail clams that thrive in the creek that runs through this town’s famous battlefields. When Fong, a biologist at Gettysburg College, feeds Prozac to another species – zebra mussels – they spew sperm and eggs all over the place.
“The clams have sex with themselves, so they don’t need to find another clam to do it,” Fong explained as he drove his truck out to Marsh Creek recently for one of the year’s early clam sorties.

That answers my question of how a bivalve with no way to move manages to find a mate.

The most super of the super moons happens tomorrow night. Some snarky astronomer on NPR said he would challenge anyone to tell the difference between an ordinary full moon and the supermoon, but think about it. The full moon is the ordinary miracle that goes unnoticed every month. It just needed some buzz and PR.

It’s a Sunny Saturday, not too hot, perfect weather for the Foo Fest, the artist’s block party at AS220 in Downtown Providence. 1pm-1am,music,art,food,banned books, T-shirts and more.

It’s a short walk from Empire St. to Waterfire, which lights tonight at sunset, 7:55pm.

Moonrise is 6:53pm and it’s 97% full. If it remains clear it should appear in the dusky sky over college hill just before the braziers are lit.

Today’s Tarot, III of Cups, celebrates Sunny Saturday. What more can I say?

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