Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, August 11, 2014

super moon e prov

Moonrise was beautiful last night, here is E.Providence over the bay. Of course, this happens every month, perhaps the exceptional circumstance here in RI is that it wasn’t cloudy.

Five things women couldn’t do in the Sixties.
That’s only five out of hundreds. Interesting that the laws and opinions that restricted access to contraception then are almost identical to those in effect now. Just that the ‘conscience clause’ has replaced laws that let the pharmacist demand a woman’s marriage license before dispensing The Pill.

We call today Victory Day, but older Rhode Islanders know that it’s really about the bombing of Hiroshima that put an end to WWII. After the war, for many reasons, scientists and politicians tried to make the ‘peaceful atom’ a savior. Even Japan bought into nuclear power as a cost-effective means.

This week Fukushima considers a bigger offer, with about twice the billions of Yen, to let their region serve as a waste dump. This is probably inevitable, considering the logistics of moving it elsewhere. I do wonder what the cost per Kilowatt really is when you add the ongoing containment and waste management. Post WWII the US put laws into place that give an economic advantage to nuclear power, but the real cost, both in dollars and carbon output, is much higher than the artificially controlled market.

Not only could a nuclear disaster happen here– it did, in Charlestown,RI. We had our own Superfund site out in Wood River Junction. And, not for nothing, Superfund=taxpayer funded. Worse than that, one man died, several other people developed suspicious fatal illnesses in the subsequent years.

The cosmic weather is stormy, even on this sunny day. War and suffering everywhere. Blessed are the peacemakers, and thanks to them for working overtime.

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