Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, August 13, 2014

3 of hearts

After Dave St.Germain took his own life much of what he had worked for came to pass. He would have loved Occupy Providence. He would have been a strong citizen voice in the formation of Health Source Rhode Island. He formatted my computer, I think of him every time I crank up Firefox.

Family and friends often don’t see it coming, or do and are unable to prevent it.

Suicidal intention is an emergency. If there is no other safe place go to the emergency room. Call the police if you must to prevent a murder. Suffering is inevitable, so is change. If talking about it saves someone then it won’t be just grief and gossip.

Today’s card is the III of Swords, symbolizing emotional pain that blots out the sky and distorts thinking. We all go through this some time, that’s why compassion saves.

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