Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, August 18, 2014

8 of pentacles

Today’s card is the VIII of Pentacles, a skilled worker busy at the task. No doubt fighting a deadline to get the big Pentacle delivery finished in time.

It’s a sunny Monday, time to get to work bringing health care where it’s needed. Daily Kos has a good post, Clues for Navigating the Alphabet Soup of Health Insurance. I had to study this for the Certified Case Manager test and it’s not for the faint of heart. When someone says their plan is a POS don’t jump to the conclusion they’re being rude– that is the unfortunate acronym for Point of Service.

It’s a good thing we have Health Source Rhode Island and Navigators, because the present situation is desperately confusing for people who need to choose a plan. To get the Affordable Care Act passed was an historic accomplishment- something presidents have tried to do for almost a century. But the sausage-making in Congress is the reason for the alphabet soup we have today. Next step- insist on the public option that was promised at the beginning and open up Medicare to younger people who want to buy in. It’s single-payer and already working.

Ideally, insurance would be simple on the citizen end, and we could focus on the ‘health’ in health care. It will always be very complicated in its inner workings, but so is my car, my government and this computer I’m typing on. It’s misguided to expect it to be simple- more important that it be just and effective.

No update on the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls, but they are not forgotten. In Indiana, the Church of the Brethren is calling for fasting and prayer in solidarity with the families of the girls, most of whom belong to the Nigerian Church of the Brethren. No word if the powers here on earth are still trying to find and rescue them. It’s good that someone has not forgotten.

A thought experiment– I turn on the news and yet another police shooting of a middle-aged white woman. She was unarmed, but there was a shoplifting nearby and we all know how light-fingered those old ladies can be. This keeps happening, women who look like me shot dead by police. Honestly, I can feel the paranoia just typing this.

Justice won’t undo the crime, but it’s all we have.

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