Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, August 19, 2014

5 of swords

Today’s Tarot is the V of Swords. It’s about war by other means, about stealing the power of the oppressor. Humor, satire, refusing to let the opponent set the terms. These are tactics of the strong– often not strong in military or political power but strong in sense of self.

I’m enjoying this Salon interview with George Takei, especially the part where he calls William Shatner ‘that eccentric crazy uncle’ in the Star Trek family.

And everyone had RSVP’d except Bill. I said we weren’t surprised, because he’s never been part of anything we did socially. We weren’t surprised.
We were surprised when two months after the wedding, he went on YouTube to rant and rave about it. If you wanted to come that badly, call us before the wedding! And now he’s claiming he doesn’t know me — so why did he want to go to the wedding so badly that he’d complain about it on YouTube? Over the years, we’ve become a “Star Trek” family. We have dinner at each other’s houses, or together when we’re at “Star Trek” conventions out of town. We’re a family. And I use that as a metaphor — most families have that eccentric, crazy uncle who shows up at Thanksgiving dinner or family reunions. And Bill is that eccentric, crazy uncle, and he’s there with us.

The whole wedding thing no doubt goes back to a lifetime of struggle to be openly himself on George Takei’s part, and a snit about not being the star of the show on William Shatner’s part. George turned it around nicely.

In other news, Republican men are cute when they’re mad, especially this candidate, Jody Hice who allows that women can run for office–

In a 2004 Athens Banner-Herald story about the influx of women into politics, Hice said, “If the woman’s within the authority of her husband, I don’t see a problem.” How very generous of him. Sadly, the Banner-Herald did not follow up and ask about the political futures of women who don’t have husbands on hand to give them permission.

Well, we call those, ‘spinsters’.

Finally, as the clock ticks relentlessly to ‘go to work’ time I link to Wonkette, always rude, often funny. And though he’s retired, Jesus’ General will not fade away. We all need a laugh, especially now.

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