Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, August 22, 2014

10 of cups

Today’s card X of Cups illustrates hope in the uncertain, but hope beats stagnation and discouragement any day. I seen on my Facebook that mayoral candidate Brett Smiley has withdrawn from the race to support Jorge Elorza. Here’s confirmation in the ProJo.

This relieves me of the agonizing decision who to vote for, because I really like Brett Smiley, but I feel The Force is with Jorge Elorza and with his experience in the basics of housing in The City of Providence he can do a great deal to revitalize our neighborhoods. Actually, the South Side is one of the most vital parts of the city, just lacking political and financial support for the hard-working homeowners and renters who live and work there. An East Side/South Side coalition will beat the politics as usual we are expected to choose from ever since Buddy (Vincent) Cianci jumped into the candidate pool with his muddy boots on.

I’ll be cheerful for the morning, maybe longer.

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