Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, August 30,2014

4 of pentacles

Today’s card is the IV of Pentacles, one of the more easy to read on the face of it. Miserliness, selfishness and building a wall of material wealth against the rest of the world. It’s not a happy card, as the central figure has his feet, hands and head weighed down by golden coins. He sits in a field of grey under a grey sky. Behind him the city, with all its risks and opportunities, is shining with colors and banners, but he sits with his back turned. He wears the crown of inherited privilege, and his robe is as red as blood. Clinging to an unfair advantage forces him to create a world where he is perpetually fighting off threats to his property, and where he perpetually strokes his own sense of superiority over those who have less. He wears a crown, but has no use for his power except to protect the status quo. That is why he is frozen on his throne.

He is a warning against clinging to unearned privilege, and the cost of denial.

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