Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, September 11, 2014

peace wall providence

Since 2001, September 11 will never be just another day. I was downtown, just got in to my office at the Providence Housing Authority. The phone rang on my supervisor’s desk and I picked it up. It was his wife saying the Twin Towers had been attacked. I knew that more than the Towers, more even than 3,000 irreplaceable human beings, had been destroyed. All of our life now is post 9/11.

The image is of the Wall of Peace at Waterplace Park downtown. Tiles painted by children and adults all over our state express the deep sorrow and hope for a better world.

The photo is from the Occupied Providence Journal, published by some of the citizens who kept a nonviolent presence in Burside Park for almost a year.

Today, like then, I’m going to work and grateful that I have the privilege of doing something I care about.

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