Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, September 12, 2014

4 of cups

Political hangover from Tuesday. Now it’s the Buddy Show on all channels. I saw his big signs in yards all up Smith St., but did notice that his fans were cramming 3 or 4 signs in a yard. I think that his support runs deep. There are voters who are just plain in love with him and he can do no wrong. Plunderdome? Forgive and forget. Still paying it off? Blame Cicilline and Taveras for not printing money in the basement. Using the cops as personal thugs? That somehow passes for manliness.

His latest incarnation– an evil little gnome, but Pat Robertson still pulls in the money and he’s even more grotesque.

Anyway, today’s Tarot is the IV of Cups. Looking for inspiration within. May we find it today, and after all, it’s Friday.

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