Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, September 17, 2014


Today’s Tarot is from the Major Arcana, XI Justice. Justice holds the scales to measure competing claims and balance them fairly, and a sword to cut short wrongdoing. In the mundane world, unfortunately, law is a blunt tool, not a sword, and the scales are never even.

As far as rewarding the deserving, artist Alison Bechdel just won a McArthur genius grant. All those ink-stained decades of writing comic books were not wasted.

As far as another example of why having the money to buy your own ‘choice’ of medical care does not guarantee a good outcome, CNN reports that Joan Rivers’ ‘personal doctor’ took a selfie over her unconscious body. Will it be just a lawsuit, or is prison in the future? My first thought when hearing of her medical crisis in the outpatient clinic was that such a delicate surgery should have been done in a hospital. Remember Jahi McMath?

As far as demanding the secular law conform to religion, a Missouri lawmaker is demanding that the Affordable Care Act be re-written so that his adult daughters, who are on the family plan, will not have access to birth control coverage. I sense a communication issue in that family. The parents can’t, like, talk to their children? How about re-routing the highways so they can’t drive to places they shouldn’t go?

And again, as far as Justice, George Zimmerman seems unable to settle down to a quiet life. Perhaps someone is haunting him. Not much justice in this world, not yet, but time will tell.

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