Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, September 19, 2014

providence industrial roof photoshop

Nice night out at a rooftop meeting of Providence Green Drinks. The old Providence Gas Company has an outdoor bar and a downstairs pub. I know where I will be watching the sun set before the cold sets in.

In other news, The Jorge Elorza sign I put on my front porch ‘fell down’. But when it happened twice I knew this was no accident. So now it’s on the second floor porch.

Although I do not like the giant ‘Buddy’ sign a neighbor put in their yard, I shall not molest it.

I always think of a family story. My sister-in-law was running for judge in Kentucky, where judges are elected. Lawn signs were mysteriously vanishing, so her husband decided to drive around and see why. Sure enough, he caught a man in the act– “Put it back, you motherf-ker’, he said.” That is protected political speech.

For the sake of our lovely city, keep it civil.

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