Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, September 25, 2014

bone clocks

It’s Thursday! And that means it’s time for a book review. Because I woke up at 4:30am worrying about my beautiful city of Providence and found some good distraction in David Mitchell’s ‘The Bone Clocks’.

The reviewers praise Mitchell’s storytelling and ability to pull you in and keep the pages turning, but they think reading him is too much fun.

I’m not a vampire novel reader, but Mitchell invented a gang of immortal villains who combine the least attractive qualities of pedophiles, tapeworms and aging Republican film stars. Then, in a narrative shift he moves to Western Ireland in the 2040’s. Ordinary mortal humans with our shortsighted greed and our billions of hungry mouths have triggered the Endarkenment- the end of civilization.

I think the ironic joke here is that the vampires were small-time evil compared to the destruction wrought by ourselves, carrying on with business as usual.

That’s what I take away, anyway.

The image is from HodderScape and this links to an interview with David Mitchell.

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