Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, September 27, 2014

Sidewalk Lippitt Park

Sidewalk Lippitt Park

Today’s Tarot theme is ‘Build it Right’. This sidewalk at Lippitt Park is almost a century old and still intact.

Today’s Providence Journal has an editorial on the evils of welfare, but without facing the obvious. We can get every person capable of working off welfare if we have a guaranteed national employment program. Way too socialistic for conservatives to even mention and way expensive. Still, the WPA saved lives and communities in the Great Depression. The Stimulus, partial and disparaged as it was, helped pull us back from the brink of a total crash.

Will anything stop the relentless transfer of wealth from workers to the 1%? History does not offer much cause for optimism. Justice doesn’t happen by itself. But democracy is historically improbable too, and here we are. We have the vote, small as it seems. It’s our tool, we must use it.

Voter registration for the statewide election closes on 10/5/14, go here if you need to register. November 4 is Election Day, don’t be Left Behind.

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