Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, October 1, 2014


Today’s Tarot is a contemplation of the difference between law and justice.

A man from the infamous Jessop family, who was running a child abuse mill in his home, was expecting to get 10 days and a warning, because that’s how they do it out West where they have religion and traditional family values. Instead he gets 3 months.

Nathan Jessop is a follower of Warren Jeffs, which the judge cites to explain his drastic 90 day sentence-

But Bannock County Prosecutor Steve Herzog said the judge in the case decided a three-month jail sentence was more suitable in light of Jessop’s treatment of the youths in his care.
Herzog said three of the boys have now been placed in foster care and the others returned to their parents, who are adherents of the FLDS sect led by imprisoned sex offender Warren Jeffs.
Jeffs, 58, is serving a life term plus 20 years for his 2011 sexual assault conviction stemming from what the sect called “celestial marriages” to two underage girls at a compound in Texas.

Reading this you might think that Jeffs is just a regular pedophile. In fact, he is a cult leader who raped many more children than have come forward to testify and committed acts of violence, welfare fraud and many other organized crimes, most of which he will never be held accountable for. Since he will never be released from prison, this may seem like a moot point, but it is not.

Consider this next time you hear a certain former mayor claim that he was only convicted on one count.

Read Carolyn Jessop’s book, Escape, for an inside account of life in the FLDS cult.

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