Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, October 4, 2014

sputnik satellite

Busy week at work leaves me staring at my coffee without a creative idea to be found. Fortunately, Mr.Green reminded me that today is the 57th anniversary of the launch of Sputnik, the Russian satellite that sparked the Space Race.

Reason to celebrate!

Now in a time of politicians who pander to a sense of grievance and desire for a scapegoat, and their wealthy patrons who pick our pockets while blaming the ones we shoved off the lifeboat; it’s important to remember it was not always this way.

The next and most urgent frontier is the Energy Race. We could be world leaders if our President was not blocked in Congress by a Party whose main goal is to make these years miserable so that their candidate will look like a savior.

The Big Ideas are still alive, and small changes for the better add up to big changes. That soon seem like the way it’s always been.

The beautiful Russian space-race poster is from Saroy, who is a NASA engineer and has a fascinating blog.

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