Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, October 5,2014


A golden day in October, nice to see the sun finally. I took the Ripta #1 downtown yesterday and the view from the bus is so different from when you are driving. Empty storefronts on Thayer St., perhaps they priced themselves out.

If you take the bus down Broad St. small businesses are flourishing, but getting established and making it last is the challenge in Providence. I wish even a few of the politicians who get sanctimonious about ‘small business’ would stop giving tax breaks and special privileges to big business. Not easy in a money-driven political system.

The Gnomes are recording a song for Jorge Elorza, to the tune of ‘Charlie on the MTA’ which is a funny Irish drinking song about a guy who gets on the trolley without enough fare and ‘will never return’.

I hope some day they will do a re-make of this old song, dedicated to our politicians who are all compelled to spend more time chasing donors than governing-

She is More to be Pitied Than Censured

“She is more to be pitied than censured
She is more to be helped than despised
She is only a lassie who ventured
On life’s stormy path ill advised
Do not scorn her with words fierce and bitter
Do not laugh at her shame and downfall
For a moment stop and consider
That a man was the cause of it all.”

1894 song by William B. Gray

That man may be named Samuel Alito, but he’s only one of many.

The beautiful painting is a contemporary work by Gregory Frank Harris at Rehs Gallery

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