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Taking a day off in the middle of the week. Sweet. I have my coffee and all the time in the world to write.

To start- wise words from an writer, witch and activist, Starhawk.

…it’s a magical law that you don’t gain more power by disdaining the power you have. If we want to call in the great powers of creation, compassion and justice to transform our world, we must use whatever avenues are open to us, even if they seem weaker than we’d like. The trickle carves a path for the stream to flow, and the stream makes the way for the river.

Read this whole improving sermon on the smart strategy of using your vote to greatest effect.

Social media and the power of the dollar can shake things up as well. The Susan G. Komen Foundation took a hit a few years ago when its director decided to cancel grants to Planned Parenthood. That sparked a reaction that the organization has still not recovered from. Most women have sought health care, or have friends who did, from Planned Parenthood. PP remains one of the most accessible providers of contraception, especially for young women who may not have a regular doctor or a lot of money.

So Komen has teamed up with the Baker Hughes drilling corporation to spread awareness with pink drill bits. I can foresee a future nuclear power dome painted pink. Put two of them together. I have long suspected that Komen sidetracked its mission from funding research to ‘raising awareness’ to raise money, to buy more advertising, to ‘raise awareness’…
I, for one, am not only aware, I’m scared. Bad enough to deal with the suspense of the yearly mammogram, to see so many friends and acquaintances fighting breast cancer, and other cancers as well. At this point I’m even scared of the color pink. I’m going to wear grey- for anxiety awareness.
Anyway, Komen is down to the fracking sponsors. Meanwhile, there’s Gloria Gemma and countless other charities with good records that did not try to play politics with women’s health. Be wise in your support, check how much of your donation goes to the cause with sites like Charity Navigator.

Finally, a word about Providence sidewalks. I seen on Facebook that our sidewalks have cracks, and it’s Mayor Taveras’ fault. Buddy will fix this. Buddy is counting on our short memories. Here’s a clip from the Providence Journal, 6/22/88-

“Washington Park residents have been the victims of ‘bum sidewalks’ installed during his predecessor’s administration, Mayor Joseph R. Paolino Jr. told the Washington Park Citizen’s Association last night.
“It was all done in the Cianci administration, Paolino said, referring to former mayor Vincent A. Cianci Jr. “The quality of work today is much better.”
John Palmieri, deputy director of the Department of Planning and Development, said his office surveyed the problem areas and has negotiated with the bonding company that guaranteed the work. He said the city has agreed to a settlement of $109,000, a sum that he said will cover the cost of repairs.
During Cianci’s decade in office, it became traditional for the city to install and repair sidewalks in the months immediately before municipal elections.”

Note that the Cianci administration hired a firm that stiffed Providence, and the city had to go to court to get the job done right. That is CORRUPTION. With our TAX DOLLARS.

Sadly, Buddy has a lot of supporters who think this is the way things should be done- for favoritism. They want to get on the good side of Good Buddy. Bad Buddy is ancient history, the Teacher’s Union says.

There is information easily available in the Journal Archives at the Providence Public Library that will make your hair stand on end. 21st Century. Use it or be used by it.

Historic Women’s Suffrage poster from Meiklejohn Graphics.

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