Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, October 16, 2014

statehouse dawn

Coming down the home stretch to the elections. I think that for the first time since Claudine Schneider I may vote for a Republican. In the Lt. Governor’s race Catherine Terry Taylor says she will support HealthSource RI, and Daniel McKee said on WRNI he thought we couldn’t afford it. We can’t afford to lose a chance to engage all Rhode Islanders in consistent health care. Going to the Emergency Room when you are at death’s door is no substitute for having a regular doctor to keep you healthy.

I’m going to Seven Stars today to meet Marcus Mitchell, the write-in candidate for City Council 3rd ward. Kevin Jackson has lost my confidence after his endorsement of Buddy (Vincent) Cianci and his non-answer when I asked him why.

I’d rather live in un-interesting times, but what can you do?

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