Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, October 24, 2014

7 of swords

Today’s Tarot is VII of Swords. Watch out for tricks, especially as a young challenger takes on an old dog.

If this race is close it may come down to lawyers-

In 1982, then-Providence Mayor Vincent A. Cianci Jr. won reelection — despite a 20-percent, midyear tax increase to avert financial crisis in the city — after his allies waged an aggressive campaign to secure mail-ballot votes for him.

A three-month investigation by The Providence Journal published in February 1983 concluded that supporters of Cianci “abused the Rhode Island mail ballot law on a large scale. … Abuses were so widespread, and Cianci’s 1,074-vote margin of victory was so narrow, that the outcome of the election could have been affected.”

There was no evidence that Cianci — who is running for mayor again this year — was directly involved.

But his supporters routinely misled voters about their eligibility to vote by mail ballot. They frequently watched how voters marked their mail ballots, pressuring them to vote for Cianci and sometimes a slate of other candidates. They sometimes made vague offers of jobs, subsidized housing, tickets to entertainment events or Christmas baskets as the voters were marking their mail ballots.

And old dogs don’t need new tricks, here’s today’s news-

PROVIDENCE — The state police are investigating possible ballot tampering at the state’s largest homeless shelter after two “official-looking men with clipboards” entered Crossroads Rhode Island on Wednesday and asked residents to hand in their mail ballots — and in one case asked for a resident’s blank ballot.

Who the two men are is unclear, but a shelter resident identified one of them as the same man who helped him apply for a mail ballot on Columbus Day weekend and urged him to vote.

“He said, ‘Now remember Buddy when you vote,’” said Francis McKenna, referring to mayoral candidate Vincent A. “Buddy” Cianci Jr. “And I told him, ‘I was born and bred in Providence. How could I forget him?’”

Cianci was good at not being ‘directly involved’. He was a lawyer who made his career prosecuting corruption. He could write the book on how to do corruption right, and did.

Vote, and drive your friends to the polls. Every vote counts.

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